Islands of Adventure – Flight of the Hippogriff

Review (3.5 / 5)

This is a fun, but short roller coaster intended for younger kids, and even better, it’s in the Harry Potter theme. But even adults, and especially Harry Potter fans, will enjoy this ride around Hagrid’s cottage. This is the perfect coaster for those who get motion sick on larger coasters, or for little ones.

Parent Worry Note: This is a roller coaster geared toward little kids, but it’s still a coaster. Your Hippogriff can take sharp turns and go pretty fast! Still, most kids will enjoy this ride, and even older kids and adults won’t mind the short coaster.

Final Note: This ride is geared toward younger children, and they’ll get a kick out of having their very own coaster. For those older kids who like big thrills you might want to skip this one if the line is long. But if the line is short or if you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, chances are you’ll enjoy the ride! As you walk through the queue, make sure to check out Hagrid’s cottage and a nesting Hippogriff.

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