Islands of Adventure – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Review (5 / 5)

This is absolutely one of the best Harry Potter rides at both Universal parks, and even better, it has a really cool queue line that actually goes inside the Hogwarts Castle! You’ll see Dumbledore’s office, the talking paintings, and even run into Harry, Hermione and Ron! That’s all just in the line! The ride is even better. When you jump in your car, prepare for an adventure as you soar through the castle and the surrounding grounds of Hogwarts. And watch out…you never know what magical creatures you’ll see!

Parent Worry Note: Because of the constant movement of your car (it even tilts back), this is one of the worst rides for those prone to motion-sickness. If you have a weak stomach, come prepared. But if you can manage to keep the vomit down, it’s a definite must! It’s not too frightening, although with the Death Eaters making an appearance, kids who are sensitive might want to skip this attraction. You will have to place your bags in a locker the moment you step inside the castle.

Final Note: As we stated, in our opinion this is one of the best Harry Potter rides at Universal, and as you get to actually go inside Hogwarts, it’s definitely worth riding at least once. It’s also a very popular ride and the line wait time can be long.

*Unfortunately this is one Harry Potter attraction that does not take the Express Pass. So make sure to get there first thing in the morning to avoid long lines.


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