Islands of Adventure – Hogwarts Express Train – Hogsmeade Station

Review (3 / 5)

Need to get from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure? You can walk…or even better you can take the Hogwarts Express! The Hogsmeade station is one of two stations where visitors can board a train and go from Hogsmeade Village (at Islands of Adventure), to Diagon Alley (at Universal Studios). On this train, you’ll enter your very own car and settle in for an easy ride. And when your train leaves the station, make sure to look out your window to see familiar sites and friends from the Harry Potter movies. Because you are going from Islands of Adventure to Universal Studios (in other words an entirely new park), you will have to pay extra for a park to park ticket or get a two day pass.

Parent Worry Note: Nothing to worry about here! This ride is simple and quick. The only issue you’ll have is that sometimes the lines will be a bit long.

Final Note: As this train goes from park to park, to ride it you’ll have to have that Park to Park Universal Pass which costs extra. The train is pretty cool, but it’s definitely a quick experience. You’ll probably have to sit in your small train car with strangers, which can be awkward. Still, if your kids love trains, or you’re a Harry Potter fan, it’s a must at least once! If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, and you don’t have time to catch the train, you won’t miss a whole lot.

*Does Not take Express Pass.


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