Universal Studios Florida – Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Review (4/5)

All it takes is a glance to realize this ride is for thrill seekers only!

On this roller coaster you’ll head straight up a tower that overlooks Universal only to be blasted back down, and around loops at speeds of up to 65 mph. In fact, this ride is actually the tallest attraction at Universal. But it’s not just a roller coaster, it’s also your own personal music video! Sit in your cart and pick your song, then settle back and prepare to scream your head off all while being video-taped! Of course you can buy your video for a fee later on.

Parent Worry Note: It’s a roller coaster, need we say more? Of course if your kids are afraid of heights and speed, don’t go on this! Rip Ride Rockit isn’t the smoothest coaster, and it goes without saying that those who are prone to motion sickness will want to skip this ride. One more note, we noticed the security bar didn’t fit super tightly against our skinny 10 year old, which made us a bit anxious. Obviously he made it through the ride without incident, but it’s good to know in case you’re a nervous parent.

Final Note: This is the only traditional outdoor roller coaster at Universal Studios Theme Park (there’s another at Islands of Adventure), so if you’re a thrill seeker, this is a must. The first time we road this ride, our cart did not have a working screen so we missed out on the music, and the fun. This isn’t as smooth as other coasters. Not interested in a bumpy coaster, then head to The Mummy instead which is much smoother and not as intense. As with all Universal thrill rides, bags/backpacks will be forced to go in lockers. Although we did greatly enjoy the ride, because of the bumpiness at times, and because our video screen didn’t work, it wasn’t our favorite. Thrill seekers and teens in particular will love this ride.


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