Universal Studios Florida – Shrek 4D

Review (3/5)

Lord Farquaad is at it again! In this short movie, based on the Shrek Movies, Lord Farquaad has returned from the dead, intent on claiming the lovely Fiona as his own! Will Shrek be able to save her in time? Or maybe she’ll save herself! Of course this isn’t just any old movie…Shrek 4-D provides movie screen, plus in your face 3 and 4D action! Although chairs in the theater remain stationary, they will vibrate and buzz, and you may even get wet!

Parent Worry Note: Although younger kids will love this 4-D movie, toddlers and babies will not enjoy the ghostly nature, dark theater, or getting squirt with water. Take the young ones, but it’s probably better to leave babies and toddlers with a spouse or grandparent. It should also be noted that waiting in line isn’t the only hurdle. After being escorted inside, you’ll have another wait in a room where you’ll be forced to stand, packet tightly together, which can get obnoxious.

Final Note: This 4-D movie is amusing and fun in the Shrek spirit. This attraction is especially for kids and for those who enjoy the Shrek movies. It’s a great place to head inside and sit in air-conditioning for a while. It’s cute and fun, but when it comes down to it, the show is merely a short film with vibrating seats. So if you do miss it, you won’t miss much.



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