Universal Studios Florida – Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster

Review (3/5)

Is your child too young to go on a thrill ride? This attraction is for you! This is a simple, quick (very quick) roller coaster in the Wood Woodpecker theme, and geared toward small kids. Children will be able to experience the twists and turns and hills of a regular rollercoaster but at a gentler speed for young ones.

Parent Worry Note: As this is geared toward young kids, there isn’t much to worry about. Although it is for young ones, it is still a coaster and can take slightly sharp turns. Still, most kids will be fine on this ride and should enjoy the thrill and speed.

Final Note: Old kids will not be impressed, and you might be wondering why you stood in line for such a short ride. But this coaster is for young kids, and they will appreciate the fact that they get to ride their own “thrill” coaster. If you have young kids, then definitely give it a try. If your kids are older and into the more adult thrill rides, then definitely skip it.



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